TxnBox building is based on SCons and Parts. As a plugin, TxnBox also requires an instance of Traffic Server, or at least the plugin API header files.

Other dependencies

  • pcre2

    Generally sudo dnf install pcre2-devel or sudo yum install pcre2-devel.

  • Scons/Parts:

    python3 -m pip install --user scons-parts

    It is important to use Python 3 - no attempt has been made for Python 2 compabitility. It may be necessary to edit the “scons” script for this reason. This should be “~/.local/bin/scons”. If scons or parts doesn’t seem to be found, make sure the first line in that file has “python3” and not just “python”.

To build the plugin, first build and install Traffic Server. Then use the command

scons txn_box --with-trafficserver=<ts_path>

where <ts_path> is the path to a Traffic Server install. In general this wil be the same path as used for the prefix configuration option in Traffic Server.